Yet Again! Is this Final farewell to Insta by 50 Cent


The relation ‘On-again’, well ‘Off-again’ seems to be the habit of 50 Cent and  Instagram. This time the Off-again to Insta is done. With lyrics like The “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” rapper announced on Wednesday that he was done with the social media platform, saying, “This s— is wack.” 50 Cent broke the news via — what else? — Instagram, writing, “Follow me on Twitter @50cent. lm done with instagram this s— is wack.”

The company reacted back with, we’ve removed or disabled access to content that you posted on Instagram that a third party reported that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights,” the message read. The rapper didn’t explain the tone of the content.

Followers of 50 Cent’s Twitter account might want to brace themselves for a bawdy time. The rapper also said earlier this year that he was done with Instagram. He said, he was “practicing abstinence”  and, shortly thereafter, posted a number of masturbation-themed tweets.

In a tweet Wednesday, the rapper reasserted his stance, writing, “Im back on Twitter f— IG I’ll post what I want here.”

It should be interesting to see what 50 Cent, uh, pulls this time around. Will this be the final farewell to the Insta. will some think it’s not or will it come back again? Still many of his pop-rape singer fans have question in their mind.

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