Indian Celebrities Leaked Pictures and Bold PhotoShoot


Indian Cinema industry is the second largest film Industry in the world. Its celebrities are known in the world due to their single styles, uttering performances, and bold wearing. Just like Hollywood celebrities, Indian celebrities to have some controversial tags in their lives. Their Leaked Private Pictures took the internet crazy due to some controversial look.

Bollywood film industry is much inspired by Hollywood. Now, it produces huge budget movies. Now, besides of all these things, Bollywood actresses and actors face criticism due to their private affairs in the parties. Every day their private pictures got leaked on social media and print media. In these Leaked Private Pictures, they look drunk, semi-nude and some relating to their bold pictures.

Pics Says It All

Esha Gupta on Instagram

Ponam Pandey Bold Photo-Shot

Askhara Hassan

Rakhi Sawant

Ameha Patel Drunk