Taylor Swift’s reason behind singing and not about Joe Alwyn


The most charming and much followed U.S singer Taylor Swift revealed the reason behind her singing and not talking about boy friend Joe Alwyn. For the last three years Taylor and Joe Alwyn is dating and both yet to make their first red carpet appearance. However, they have been spotted together on dinner and other occasions. Besides dating the singer has been remain silent on her relationship with the British actor. But the fans have learned and decoded things about their relationship through her songs.

Recently, Taylor has released the album titled ‘Lover’ where she shares some interesting insights about her relationship with Joe. Thus, the question arises why the singer is not talking about her relation with him. And the answer is simple that she feels that she can express her thoughts about her relationship through her songs rather discussing in the interview and media.

Taylor Swift’ on Singing and Joe Alwyn

Recently, in her latest interview she revealed, “Singing about something helps you to express it in a way that feels more accurate. You cannot, no matter what, put words in a quote and have it move someone the same way as if you heard those words with the perfect sonic representation of that feeling.”

While, explaining the relation Taylor confessed she faces a “weird conflict.” Singer said, “There is that weird conflict in being a confessional songwriter and then also having my life, you know, 10 years ago, be catapulted into this strange pop-culture thing.”

Besides that the Lover singer said that she doesn’t feel like she needs to start drawing inspiration from other sources outside of her personal life.

Taylor said, “I don’t feel like that yet,” she said. “I think I might feel like that possibly when I have a family. If I have a family.. I don’t know why I said that! But that’s what I’ve heard from other artists, that they were very protective of their personal life, so they had to draw inspiration from other things. But again, I don’t know why I said that. Because I don’t know how my life is going to go or what I’m going to do. But right now, I feel like it’s easier for me to write than it ever was.”