Katrina Kaif’s Reaction When She Bumps into Exes


Well it seems that Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s chemistry does not only match on screen but off screen as well. Earlier, in dance show Salman Khan revealed that he feels happy when he saw his ex-girl friends. On the other hand, Bollywood queen Katrina also expressed similar kind of reaction as well. The best thing is that both Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif remain in relationship as well. In her latest interview as she talks about relationships and her cordial equations with her famous exes.

Katrina opened up about her warm equation with her famous exes. She said that she doesn’t believe in ending a relationship on a bitter note. Besides that, the actress is quite cautious about her personal life. And she has never spoken in the open about the men whom she dated in the past. During the latest interview, the dancing queen said that she does not feel awkward when he met when her exes. She said that she always meet them in pleasant and happy gesture. Everybody has right to make their own decision of living.

Katrina Kaif on Ex Boyfriends

Katrina said, I just don’t feel awkward and I don’t carry any heavy thoughts about it. As I said, all my experiences have only given me something. Also, why do we have to make everything so complex and heavy?”

Besides that, Bharat actress made an interesting comment. She said, “Why would I want to feel awkward in anyone’s presence? I would rather smile, laugh, have a good chat and keep it easy, instead of keeping a sad face. Simple!”

When she was asked about current status, and when she will change it. The birthday girl said that she’s not even thinking of a relationship currently. She will cross that bridge when she gets to it. “It’s a personal thing and may not work for everyone, but if I had two options, I would always choose the simple one over the heavy and complex.

Earlier Salman Khan said about the relationship with ex girl friends, ‘The most beautiful feeling in the world.’