Does Kailyn Lowry Want to Marry Leah Messer?

Does Kailyn Lowry Want to Marry Leah Messer?

The alleged affair between Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer has been omnipresent on social media for months. At first, the views were established by the fact that Lowry and Messer are enjoying vacations together but that views changed in recent weeks. Now the social media is trending over “Does Kailyn Lowry want to marry Leah Messer?”

For one thing, Jenelle Evans has been posting clickbait reports with unsupported titles about Leah and Kail’s deemed connection.

On top of that, Lowry loves implying that she and Leah are more than friends, but her comments are made in joke.

On the other hand, for a large portion of the social media community, the idea of criticism is a thoroughly foreign one.

As a consequence, Lowry’s jokes are frequently taken as official announcements of passionate love for her best friend. To be honest, Kail looks absolutely and sincerely love Leah in a completely spiritual way.

Does Kailyn Lowry Want to Marry Leah Messer?

But there’s nothing disgraceful about that, which suggests followers and rumor sites alike fancy to analyze their every statement for hints of a secret relationship.

Does Kailyn Lowry Want to Marry Leah Messer

Consider, for example, Lowry’s newest tweet about her wish to get married.

“I’m ready to be a wife and be with my best friend forever.” 

If she had just tweeted that she’s ready to get re-married, maybe her remarks wouldn’t have created such confusion.

But since the same tweet stated her “best friend” many came up to the conclusion that she was talking about Leah. To be fair, she wasn’t.

Does Kailyn Lowry Want to Marry Leah Messer

In all likelihood, Lowry only intended to say that she expects the person she marries will double as a BFF.

As far as we know, while the two of them are surely very close, Kail doesn’t even refer to Leah as her best friend.

It seems that the claim relates to Becky Hayter. But as usual, the fans preferred the most scandalous interpretation.

Kail’s most recent relationship was with Chris Lopez, the father of her youngest son.

And the latest episodes of Teen Mom 2 have shown that that breakup was even more disordered than we earlier thought:

“We don’t talk. It’s been 8 weeks-ish,” she said during a recent episode.

“I threw a baby shower for his best friend and then found out one of the girls he cheated on me with was sitting next to me the entire time and I had no idea,” Lowry added.

Does Kailyn Lowry Want to Marry Leah Messer?

“She did, and he did, and I sat there and did not find out until the end so I was humiliated.”

Jeez. That’s rude. Maybe a plunge in the lady pool is just what Kail wants after all the bad luck she’s had with men.