Hollywood Celebrities Photographer Bribing for Nude Shoot


Well, it happened as the famous photographer seems to bribe a new LA-based model for nude photoshoot. Los Angeles-based celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde has been accused of bribing nude photos from an Instagram model. He is working celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Donald Glover, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and others.  The news came after model Sunnaya Nash shared several screenshots of an Instagram direct message exchange between her and Hyde, who’d used the platform to seek out models to photograph.

When, Where and How?

Based on the messages, it appears that Hyde initially agreed to shoot the model for free until she refused to fork over nude photos of herself. Celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde has been accused of offering a model a free photoshoot in exchange for nude photographs. Besides that, he also works as Kim Kardashian’s personal photographer, to whom she says she reached out after he posted an ad looking for models.

Photographer Marcus Hyde

In her post, Sunnaya claimed that she’d reached out to Marcus via DM after he posted an ad calling for models. He asked her for nudes in exchange for a free photo session, but when she declined, he allegedly said, “It’s 2k then.”

“Yeah you wack (sic),” she said, according to her screenshot of their private messages. “Find someone else. I’ll keep shooting celebs,” said Marcus

The DM read as, “Nude?” Hyde wrote in the direct message. “I don’t have nude photos,” responded Nash. To which Hyde replied, “It’s 2k then.”

Nash went on to reply to Hyde that she “can shoot nude” but didn’t feel comfortable sending him nude photos. After that exchange, Hyde’s tone seemed to shift and he replied, “then don’t.” Later, he replied, “find someone else. I’ll keep shooting celebs.”

Lastly, Instagram deleted the model’s posts with screenshots of her DM exchange with Hyde, but Diet Prada re-posted them on their page. Since the backlash, Hyde’s Instagram account appears to be deleted.