Salman Khan Wanted to be Director not Web-star


Salman Khan is among the superstar, director and fashion icon of Bollywood film industry. As his brother Arbaaz Khan and many other Bollywood celebrities have started the web shows, Salman Khan is not interested at all.  In his recent outing with media, Salman Khan says he doesn’t like web content: ‘There’s no censorship, kids are watching’.

Why Not?

Salman also revealed his ambitions and said after acting Salman Khan wanted to be director not a web-star. Talking about his love for film-making, he said, “I started my career wanting to be a director so I think that I will do that at some point in the future. He further said that he will make a very small film.

Salman Khan Wanted to be Director

On inquiring about not starting a web show, he immediately replies, “I don’t like it. I mean, it’s a damn good space but I don’t like all that is being shown on the digital platforms.”

While talking about his films and role, he said that it’s always the script. It has always been that way. When the audience walks out of the theater, they should feel that they want a boyfriend like my character, or a son like that or a husband. Every actor should see the film in totality from the audience’s perspective.

In films, if there are three-four extra punches, it gets censored and we get an A certificate. We get a U/A certificate only when we cut some scenes but on the web. But he has different opinion about the show on web, they show anything and everything.

Besides that, there is no censorship. There should be an appointed body that takes that call. My problem is that young kids are also watching it because everyone has access to a phone. So, that’s not cool with me.