Ashley Martson, Jay Smith behind their “Leaks”


The 90 Day Fiance stars Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have been all over the place.  Now, they’re in the center of a huge scandal that’s earning them scorn from fans, friends, and cast-mates alike. And they have no one to blame but themselves. Because they are responsible for their own leaks  and they have done it for publicity.

When, Where and How?

Just days after making headlines for the divorce filing, and just eight days after filing for divorce, Ashley withdrew her request for divorce. For better or for worse, she wanted to work things out with Jay. He took to Instagram and, though he did not show Ashley’s face, it was immediately clear that those were Ashley body in the live video.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

Earlier Jay made it done with his phone, about his cheating scandal from last year. His blunder revealed that he and Ashley were the architects behind some alleged “leaks” of their personal photos. Well after that the other 90 Day Fiance stars are surprised. And they all said that they have nothing to do with the couple. The other stars said, no longer have anything to do with them. Ashley and Jay were spotted out and about getting coffee together.

Well the people remember that Jay had to anxiously explain that the leaked “wedding” photos were from a non-binding ceremony. And that they had in Jamaica before Jay ever set foot in the US. As this pair of screenshots captured by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates illustrates, Jay by chance went live on Instagram on the very page that had been “leaking” his and Ashley’s photos.

Going Live on Instagram is awkward enough when it’s on your main account. This blunder was disastrous. Jay and Ashley had arranged their own leaks for added publicity, to blend public interest in them as a couple and possibly to avoid their NDA with 90 Day Fiance.