Zareen Khan and Casting Couch Experience! Reveals All


Well, in film and media industry the term casting couch is integral. Most of female actresses have gone through this experience, and this time Zareen Khan reveals her casting couch experience. During her film career so far, the actress gets candid about bullied and criticized for her weight. Besides that she was rejected in films, replaced on the basis on silly reasons and battling the terrible casting couch. In latest interview, the Veer actress said that she experienced casting couch twice in the initial days of her acting career.

When, Where and How?

While, talking about the incidents, she said that once a director asked her to ‘rehearse a kissing scene’ with him so that she could ‘let go off her inhibitions.’ The actress said, ‘the person was like, ‘you have to let go off your inhibitions, you have to let go off inhibitions’ and at that time I was relatively very new.’

Zareen Khan Casting Couch Experience

On the other hand, the further revealed that it was then he offered to rehearse a kiss scene. “What? I am not doing any kissing scene as a rehearsal,” she told the director at the time.

Zareen, also shared another incident, which occurred when she was already an established actress. Someone from the industry had asked if she was interested in “being more than friends“and told her that if she agreed to the offer he would “specifically look into the projects” she was getting.

She has acted in Bollywood films like Housefull 2, Hate Story 3 and Aksar 2. Besides that, Zareen Khan is not the only actress who has shared her ordeal of casting couch experience. Earlier, Radhika Apte, Kalki Koechlin and many other actresses have opened up about facing it at some point in their career.