Yes, there is nepotism in Bollywood says Sharmin Segal


The debutant and niece if veteran Bollywood director Sharmi Segal, accepter that yes there is nepotism in the Bollywood. The niece of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali talked about nepotism at the trailer launch of her Bollywood debut Malaal. This statement sparks a new controversy in the Bollywood. She further said that those who have links and relation, finds the work easily. But they have to work lot more harder, because you have to prove and justified your selection. So, it more than selection, you have to sacrifices more than those who struggle to get the role.

On the launch of the tailer and introduction of her niece, “I am extremely emotional right now,” Bhansali said at the film’s trailer launch here. “Sharmin was 85-90 kg earlier but she always wanted to be an actor. She has worked hard for what she is today. I am introducing Sharmin and it is a big deal for us,” he added.

Nepotism in Bollywood

However, Sharmin said industry kids might get an easy start but there was a continuous pressure on them to prove their caliber. With another pair of industry kids getting launched at the hands of a major filmmaker, questions on nepotism couldn’t have been avoided at the film’s trailer launch.

On the other hand, another Bollywood star kid, Jaaved Jaaferi’s son Meezaan also launched in the film Malaal. The star kid Meezan said, “I have to prove myself. It’s only the hard work and talent that helps.”

While talking to the media, Sharmin said that our society is full of nepotism and its everywhere in every field. But, the pressure is there on every film. One should not misuse the opportunity,” Sharmin said.

Besides that, the director said that four years ago, Sharmin was assistant on ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and he asked her to bring someone for costume trial and she got Meezaan. “When he entered, I was like a star has arrived.” Sanjay added.