Demi Moore on Aashton kutcher and Cheating Scandals


Earlier, Demi Moore considered as one of the top actress in Hollywood. Recently a controversy started when Demi Moore revealed some bad sexual thing with Aashton kutcher and other one. The actress opened up a big controversy when she said that her husband of eight years, Ashton Kutcher, cheated on her twice, and asked her to have threes*mes. Apparently, the two began having issues after the actress suffered a miscarriage about six months into her pregnancy.


When, Where and How?

In her recent interview, when was asked about it, she “wanted to show him how great and fun [she] could be,” but said that was a mistake. The actress said that she was forced and she had a lot of alcohol that time. Ashton married Demi Moore back in 2005, and there was a time when it looked like the couple might really make it work.

Demi Moore on Aashton kutcher

While revealing her memories, it’s started when Kutcher began filming “Spread,” a hyper-sexual movie who’s star was Jennifer Jason Leigh. According to Moore, the actor told her she wasn’t welcomed on set because Jason Leigh didn’t feel comfortable with her around. Later, she discovered that wasn’t true and it was Kutcher who didn’t want her there. Jason Leigh ended up dropping out of the film.

While, speaking of her book, she wrote, when Ashton was caught sleeping with Sara Leal at bachelor party. At that time she felt sick to her stomach. On the other hand, the confession of Leal made the things cleared.

She said, “I knew she wasn’t lying’.  On that incident her husband claimed he thought she wouldn’t have a problem with it, seeing as their marriage was no longer on track.

Furthermore, Moore writes “Because we had brought a third party into our relationship, Ashton said, that blurred the lines and, to some extent, justified what he’d done.” After the drug party in 2012, Ashton moved out of their house for good, and they divorced in 2013. The actress also accused the playing a part in her alcohol relapse.