Varun Dhawan Girlfriend will be killed! A Threat


Fans are the biggest support for any celebrities, many the fans, and more stardom. But sometimes fans cross their limits. That’s what happened with Varun Dhawan and his girl friend. A female fan has threatened that Varun Dhawan girl friend will be killed and she will kill her. The story behind is that a female fan wanted to meet Varun Dhawan but he was busy, and guard told he is not available. But she insisted and on denied for visit she threaten Varun that she will kill his Natasha Dalal

When, Where and How?

According to the story, a female fan of Varun Dhawan has threatened to kill his girlfriend, Natasha Dalal. It all happened, when she was waiting outside Varun’s house to meet the actor and when the security guards informed her that the actor won’t be able to meet her.

The Story

One of guard of Varun told media that the female fans used to come and asked for the Varun. She was doing the rounds of his house for a long time. We are used to such things. But when she was asked to leave, she started creating disturbance outside the actor’s house, leaving the actor all alarming! Reportedly, the fan got damn aggressive and kept screaming, “I will kill Natasha” and the security guards had to call the police.

The security team said that Varun generally accepts the selfie requests from fans in his house. But, at that time he was pressed for time and is managing too many things. She was waiting for a couple of hours. The actor came late and she was insisting that she meet him then and there.

The reports suggest that initially, she threatened to hurt herself. When the security still didn’t get her through to Varun she repeatedly said that Varun Dhawan Girlfriend will be killed.