Charlize Theron reveals is ‘shockingly available’


Sometimes it feels weird when some celebrity claims to be single and wanted to date or wanted partner. It seems that world is so lonely. That is case with once best Hollywood actress Charlize Theron. Charlize Theron reveals is ‘shockingly available’ statement catches a strange and surprised reaction. In her latest interview she revealed that she is single and wanted a relation. May be her loneliness is killing her. But saying form her mouth seems to be odd for many.

Charlize Theron is single and ready to mingle. “I’ve been single for 10 years,” Theron, who turns 43, told adding that suitors should ask her out because it’s “not a long shot.” It is an open invitation but who’s for, people just need to wait and see.

Charlize Theron Reveals is Shockingly Available

Hollywood sensational actress once, who turned bit old, for many, bluntly said in the interview that she is shocking available. It means she is looking for some invitation or waiting for a purposely from someone special. Charlize Theron claims she has been single for ten years despite the Sean Penn romance. She said that someone needs to step up and take her off the market.

The Hollywood star has children Jackson, seven, and three year old August, admitted last year that she had ‘no interest’ in having a new relation.  While her kids were younger but with her daughter getting older, she admitted she could change her mind.

She said: ‘With both of my kids, the first two years, I had absolutely no interest in dating. ‘It wasn’t even a struggle, it was a case where my body chemistry and my mind just wanted to go to the place where I was 100 percent pleased with being a mother.