Top 10 Gorgeous Outfits of 2018 VMA


Image Source: hearstapps

This year was a blessed year for the music industry with hits after hits, new rising sensations, and tracks from much-awaited artists. The MTV Video Music Awards has always been an event to appreciate the musical talent, but it’s also been where we see these celebrities flaunting their talent in showing off their glamour. We decided to pick the juiciest fruits out of the basket and show a top 10 list of the most stunning celebrities that walked the carpet.

10) Rita Ora

Rita Ora decided to don a Jean-Paul Gaultier. A floor-length see-through gown that makes you realize Rita didn’t put all that much effort into her outfit. Not to mention stunning eyebrow work that makes you stare at eyes as much as anything else.

9) Karlie Kloss

A sleeveless high slit silver gown by Elie Saab. Karlie Kloss was shining, a simple but effective combination that many celebrities chose to forgo.

8) Amanda Stenberg

Amanda Stenberg decided to go with a fresh and stylish Prada outfit with Jimmy Choo shoes. Amanda was definitely one of the most innovative and stylish of the bunch. That hairdo definitely complimented the attire.

7) Sofia Carson

Sofia knew how to make her look like royalty. The beautiful sleeveless Carolina Herrera gown with a mix of blue, pink and red that worked well with her slender physique got everybody dazzled.

6) Shay Mitchell

The Pretty Little Liars Actress Shay Mitchell walked the carpet wearing an orange mini dress by Nicolas Jebran that pops and the choice of nude lipstick along with the smoky eyes and the stunning hair definitely put her in top makeup contender too.  Nobody could take their eyes off this beauty.

5) Jennifer Lopez

JLO wore the best silver hands down! It was glowing and stunning and most importantly, it was Versace. Not to mention, she received a Video Vanguard honor. You’d think she’d go bold and wild, but she chose to stay classy and clean.

4) Ariana Grande

Ariana decided to lose her signature ponytail to adopt a more mature look, and I have to agree her face does look more mature except when she’s not posing for the photo and is left with comedian Pete Davidson. She’s back to looking like a cute little high school girl standing next to her crush. The mini dress she wore made her look like she came straight out of a sci-fi show but in a good way. Then there are the over-the-knee grey boots that were also stunning. Maybe, it’s the engagement, but Grande definitely was the one that spiced up her style the most.

3) Kylie Jenner

This is almost like an M. Night Shyamalan twist. The brazen and bold sensation Kylie Jenner who always has a statement with her fashion chose to go with a white short business suit that makes you think of only one word. Competent. And sexy but that’s nothing new on the red carpet. Kim Kardashian’s recent all fluorescent outfit in Miami had people wondering what Kylie’s going to whip up and boy are we surprised.

2) Cardi B

A gorgeous Nicolas Jebran raspberry velvet dress that just makes her look like a queen added with the crazy emerald earrings and ring all in total worth $4M and the nail polish that has no competition.  Cardi B owned it with style, panache, and her energetic attitude. Cardi received the Best New Artist award.

1) Camila Cabello

Easily the Disney princess of the VMA. Camilla is already regarded as a cute Cuban chick, but that navy blue strapless dress by Oscar de la Renta with blood red, glorious lipstick that has every guy’s knees go weak and every girl question their sexuality. Camila was not ready to let her moment be stolen considering she’s the Artist of the Year and has the Video of the Year; it’s obvious she can’t let anyone steal her spotlight.