Success has changed the Vicky Kaushal? The Overnight Star


It happens in the glamour world, there are few people or actors in the industry have kept and maintained the status after fame. But it seems that it is not working that way for Uri film star Vicky Kaushal. According to people in the Bollywood says that success has changed the Vicky Kaushal. Many say that after the too much success, actor is failed to digest his overnight fame.

Change is inevitable, especially when you are suddenly into the success zone. That’s what has happened with Vicky Kaushal who went suddenly from being the first choice in heroine-oriented films like Masaan and Raazi. The films were huge hit on box office and earned 250-crore worth. The former director who cast him in their film is also surprised. One of them has said, He is climbing up that ladder so fast he can’t see the ground below him. Vicky now thinks he should be dating Katrina Kaif or Alia Bhatt.”

Success has changed the Vicky Kaushal?

They says that the overnight star now don’t look under the feet. Not only other people, but director also claimed that. While the young hero of the industry consider and name him as the most talented star, almost all female actress have their eyes set on him. So, many people are questioning that Success has changed the Vicky Kaushal.

Actress like Katrina Kaif to Alia Bhatt, the leading ladies of the industry want to be paired up opposite the Uri actor.

It says that, may be the success or Katrina Kaif is the reason, as Vicky Kaushal has parted his ways. And the break-up rumors started with Harleen Sethi unfollows him on Instagram.

A director who has worked with Kaushal in the past and wants to cast him again says he doesn’t think he can afford it. “I don’t think I can get the same actor for the same price. His market has changed. I don’t know whether he has changed. But he now hangs around with Karan Johar and his ilk. So I guess they advise him on how to move forward in life, and that’s a good thing.