Salman Khan launches Reality Show Bigg Boss 13


It’s been a 13th season for India’s most watched reality show Bigg Boss and this time Salman Khan comes with more power. Salman Khan has been the host of one of the most interesting, controversial and talked about reality shows, Bigg Boss for over nine seasons now. Starting out in the fourth season, Salman Khan launched the thirteenth and his tenth running season as host of the reality show.

The superstar enters with style, Salman dances with several drums playing around him. Joining him for the big launch and reveal of the Bigg Boss house for the coming season were Ameesha Patel, Sana Khan and Arjun Bijlani. On the opening, Salman said, “While everyone says 13 is unlucky, it has been lucky for me. All good things happen on 13th for me. But this will be a unconventional season.”

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 13

The launch took place in a dockyard and staying true to this season’s flavor, Celebrity Express, Salman Khan made a grand entry in a metro. This season it’s going to be an ‘All celebrity’ contestants special and speaking about it

Talking about how this upcoming season will be bigger and better than before. In one of the promo features Salman Khan as a chef, who is informing viewers of all the ingredients of this year’s outing. While Salman looks all cool in his chef avatar, he can be seen standing in a kitchen set-up, with a white jacket on for maximum effect.

Besides that during the launch, the host Salman Khan said, “It’s a very difficult show to handle. So, you have to keep on watching each episode twice and then refresh your memory just before you go up on stage. That takes a lot of work. When you see some mess has happened in the house, you have to check where it all started and who started it. It takes a lot of watching the show and sometimes you love watching it, sometimes you can’t stand what’s happening in the house. I guess this is the format of the show.”