Sonakshi Sinha’s linkup with Zaheer Iqbal is a stunt


Well it says, filmmakers do lots of things to promote their films. Sometimes they do some controversial things or act’s and sometime they make rumors to catch the people’s interest. A source close to the actress revealed that Sonakshi Sinha’s linkup with Zaheer Iqbal is a stunt. Zaheer Iqbal is making his debut in Bollywood, and Salman Khan is producing the film.

According the source, “She’s just being nice and sweet to a newcomer who happens to be launched by Salman Khan, just like Sonakshi was (in Dabanng). Zaheer is moving in the same circle these days as Salman. The next thing she knows she’s being linked with this newcomer.”

Sonakshi Sinha’s linkup with Zaheer Iqbal

In the end, it turns as a publicity stunt for the upcoming film by Salman Khan’s Notebook. Well it seems that it is probably the publicity machinery at work. Its a normal practice in showbiz world, as it takes many things to promote the film. Not only the film but the actors as well. Because people love to take interest in controversial matters. And their enthusiasm grows higher, when its linked to actor and actress.

They normally have newcomers working together in their first film being linked together for publicity. But this time they chose to deflect the publicity to an outside source.

Zaheer is the son of actor Salman Khan’s close friend. After mentoring him, Salman is all set to launch Zaheer in his upcoming film ‘Notebook’. Earlier, Sonakshi was also launched by Salman in ‘Dabangg’. So, the common link probably led to a new friendship, until reports of it being more than that surfaced.