Ram Gopal Varma confesses love Naga Chaitanya


Like other clebrites gossips and scandals, there is new buzz hit he Bollywood, when veteran director Ram Gopal Verma confesses love Naga Chaitanya. It’s not that controversial but the story after it. It is revaled that Ram Gopal Verma was drunk when he tweets of confession for male Telgu actor. This shows he loves Naga Chaitanya more than his wife Samantha. Soon after the hang over gone, he deleted the tweet.

However, Naga Chaitanya received a rather unusual appreciation from controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. From his tweet, it is evident that he was mesmerized by the trailer of Majili.  RGV confessed on social media that he loved Naga Chaitanya more than Samantha in the film. Shiva Nirvana directed the intense love story that also features Divyansha Kaushik playing Chaitanya’s love interest.

Ram Gopal Varma confesses love Naga Chaitanya

As the film gears up for a worldwide release on April 5, the makers unveiled the trailer, which opened to positive responses from the audience. Their die-hard fans are in love with the theatrical trailer and took to social media to share their opinion on it.

But the Ram Gopal Verma has ruined the trailer with his rather controversial tweet. His tweet is”Yes @chay_akkineni I admit am on 4th vodka when I tweeted earlier but will be worse when am not on vodka.. Bottom line I love u more than @Samanthaprabhu2 in this trailer and I am not GAY. This is my truth inspite of me loving her more than you (sic)”

The tweet caught everyone surprised went viral within a short span of time. However, Ram Gopal Varma later deleted the tweet for reasons unknown.

On the other hand, Naga Chaitanya managed to see the tweet on time and replied to it as well. He wrote, “Well @RGVzoomin may we all be blown by whatever it may be .. cheers ! (sic)