Michael Jackson Victims Reveal shocking New Allegations


Well the Late greatest pop star of the Michael Jackson’s character is once again under serious threats. Earlier HBO is making a documentary film named Leaving Neverland, which is basically a character assignation of the greatest singer of all. The movie is about so called dark side of Michael Jackson, in his youth he used to harass two teens sexually. Leaving Neverland is an HBO documentary that focuses upon the late king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Now, after the premiere, spectators are in upset by the detailed, graphic allegations that survivors describe of Jackson’s behavior towards them as minors. The film reveals that beginning at almost incredibly young ages, they say that he prepared them not only to participate in sex, but to defend him. That is why both of them took so long before they came forward with their own stories.

Joy Robson, Wade Robson, Michael Jackson, Chantal Robson, Dennis Robson (1990).
photo: Dan Reed/HBO

Michael Jackson Victims Reveal shocking New Allegations

On the other hand, The Jackson family is outraged and is pulling out all of the stops to slam this film and defend the late legend. But if you see the shock that the documentary dropped, people may wonder if anyone will look at Jackson the same way again. The victims, Robson, 36, and Safechuck, 41, each allege that Jackson physically abused them for many years until they were 14, primarily at his Neverland Ranch in California.

According to one of the victim, Wade Robson is now 36 years old, and then he was seven years old when he met Michael Jackson backstage at a concert. Robson said that Jackson persuaded his family to allow him stay over at the Neverland Ranch while they went off to see the Grand Canyon.

Besides all these allegations and other things, Jackson’s brothers have repeatedly claimed Robson and Safechuck are merely in this for financial gain, after their lawsuit against the singer was dismissed in 2015 because the statute of limitations had expired. But Robson told Winfrey that money “isn’t a thought of mine,” and the reason they are appealing the court’s decision is to heal.