Molestation Case Against Dance India winner Salman Yusuff Khan


That happened in Bollywood, the victim, who herself is dancer said these words to police. She said that such words were spoken by Salam Yusuff Khan, when he touched me wrongly. The victim claimed that Salman “touched her inappropriately” on the day she was offered the opportunity after he offered to drop her home. When she objected to Salman’s behaviour, the dancer, she said, claimed that such things happened in Bollywood.

When and Where?

After the complaint, a molestation case has been filed against popular dancer Salman Yusuff Khan in Mumbai. The victim alleged that Salman, along with his brother, tried to behave inappropriately with her on two separate occasions.

According to her statement given to the police, she said that, she got a call from the dancer’s manager regarding the work and left for Dubai on August 20, along with her dance group.  According to the FIR filed, the victim was contacted by the dancer’s manager while she was in London for work in August 2018. Then, she met Salman at a coffee shop in Oshiwara Andheri, where he offered her chance to show her talent and perform in Bollywood Park, Dubai with him.

Molestation and Salman Yusuff Khan

The accuser further stated that, during their stay in Dubai, asked her, on August 30, to accompany him to Bollywood park resort in Bahrain, for another show. As soon as they reached the airport, Salman purportedly introduced her to his cousin brother, who, along with Salman, allegedly touched her inappropriately on their journey back to Dubai via car on November 3.

The victim alleged that Salman and his team harassed her and her troupe for days after the incident. Not only that they even threatened her with terrible cost. He allegedly forcefully made them terminate their contracts and on November 10 sent her and her troupe flight tickets back to Mumbai when they refused to budge.