Miley Cyrus to Choose between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B


The world of music in waiting for Miley Cyrus, she is back with her single. Recently, Miley Cyrus choose between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and teases fans with new music. She raps about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and fans are waiting, whose side she is going to take. Miley Cyrus performed on Big Weekend show in England on Saturday and dropped new songs titled “Cattitude,” “Dream” and “Mother’s Daughter”. And with that the

The lyrics don’t seem to be revoking any drama though. Other lines include: “I love you Selena, but I listen to Demi,” tagging the former Disney stars in a caption on Instagram. She even got in a little jab at herself with “I love you Miley, but I listen to Hannah.”

Miley Cyrus to Choose

Well, for a new song, she hinted some the new, which is teasing the fans. And they waiting for the that new single. However, Miley garnered attention for choosing between two feuding female rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. In the song ‘Cattitude’, Miley raps the lyrics, “I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi.” On the other hand, the two rappers have been engaged in a long-standing feud after they got into a scuffle in New York City in September 2018.

Cyrus has been in full promo mode for the past few weeks, posting plenty of teasers about her upcoming music on social media. Sadly, few of those teasers have offered any clues on when her new album will be dropping. She has, however, said the album is finished and has changed her social bios to “SHE IS COMING” which many fans expect to be the release date of her first single.

Well, besides that Nicki and Cardi, She also insisted she had nothing but love for Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande as well.