Lucy Mecklenburgh caught kissing a mystery man in Dubai


On the other hand, Lucy has been dating Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas for a year now. Lucy Mecklenburgh appeared to lovingly kiss the mystery man on the cheek, held his hand and embraced his back. But some insider denied the facts from Lucy, as he claimed she was rubbing the inside of the clubgoer’s leg before the duo left just minutes apart having arrived together

The former star, which is in a relationship with Ryan Thomas, was filmed getting close to a guy while on holiday in Dubai. It appears that Ryan Thomas’ girlfriend insists she was just saying ‘goodbye to a friend’. But the video emerges of her VERY cozy Dubai night out with mystery man.

The Controversy

Well after the Lucy video, goes viral. The star took to twitter to claim she was bidding farewell to a friend in the clip. But the Twitter users and fans insisted the exchange was suspicious.

She wrote: ‘Since when has saying goodbye to a friend turned into a cosy night out?! #ridiculous’.

Lucy jetted to Dubai with friends earlier this month, where she kept the trip intricately documented on social media. But with a host of bikini and outfit images sitting alongside a shot taken on the day of her outing to The Penthouse.  Instantly recognizable by her flirty yellow gown, the brunette beauty was seen alongside the mystery man during her time at the bar.

Well anyone can that she placed the hand at his back with love. And Lucy approached the man with what appeared to be a tender kiss while she also held his hand during their moment together.

There is also news that Lucy Mecklenburgh walked in with a guy, who was not Ryan, when she entered ‘At The Penthouse, Five Palm, Dubai,  night club.