No Major Characters Will Survive in Grand Finale of Game of Thrones


Richard Madden, known as Rob Stark is the character in the most famous TV series Game of Thrones. He was the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell. Well everybody is waiting for the grand finale of the most watched TV show GOT. Well the audience got shocked and suspense becomes more intense, when Richard Madden told in an interview about the fate of the major characters in the TV Series.

Richard Madden has revealed that he believes none of the hit fantasy show’s major characters will make it to the final episode alive when it draws to its highly anticipated conclusion next year. His character, Robb Stark, memorably met a grisly end alongside several family members during Game of Thrones’ much talked-about Red Wedding.

Game of Thrones

In an interview, when he was asked about the ending of Game of thrones or what will be the fate of major characters? Richard Madden smiled and said, ‘I kind of think it’s just going to be three dragons flying around and everyone else is dead. It’s a possibility!’

Richard Madden said that he considers none of Game of Thrones’ major characters will make it to the final episode alive till end of the show. And with his character having long been killed off, The Bodyguard star Richard admits that he has since comfortably settled into life as a Game of Thrones viewer.

He further said, ‘I kind of don’t recognize that I was in it anymore because I’ve been watching so many years of it, and they talk about Robb Stark and I know who he is but I don’t see myself in that role. I’m just a viewer now, which is so good.