Jennifer Garner Awarded Hollywood Walk Of Fame


The ‘Alias’ and the ‘Dallas Buyer’s Club’ actress, Jennifer Garner achieved a milestone in her career with a recent ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ award.

The actress chose to bring her family along for the event which included her daughters Violet (12) and Seraphina (9), and her son Samuel (6).  She also brought her parents William and Patricia Garner. Her ex-husband Ben Affleck did not make his presence though it is widely known that the two have always been on good terms after their divorce, and Garner has even called him her best friend.

The two met in the set of the 2003 movie ‘Daredevil’ and quickly became close friends. They got married in the June of 2005 and announced their separation in the June of 2015, shortly after their 10 Year anniversary. Her long relationship with Ben Affleck has been the subject of discussion for many. Affleck and Garner’s separation made her career and personal life a bit more difficult and troublesome.

A Determined Braveheart

However, Garner is known to be a headstrong woman who goes gets what she wants. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is not her only achievement in her career and certainly not in her life.

Her 24-year career had her working on 35 films and made several appearances and a few lead roles in Television. Her first notable achievement in the Film Industry was for her performance in T.V series Alias for which she received a Golden Globe award in 2002 for Best Actress- Television Drama Series, and then later a Screen Actor’s Guild award for Outstanding Performance in 2005 for the same Television series. She had also gotten an MTV Movie Awards for Best Breakthrough Female Performance for the film Daredevil. This was her first award for a movie role.

Interestingly, the 46-year-old actress was very modest about her latest achievement when asked about it by an AFP reporter.

“This is a career that you can take some credit for, but not much. Luck plays a big part,” she said.

Her Ambassadorial Works

Her success outside Film is seen through her work as an activist. She is an ambassador for Save The Children where she dedicates her time and effort to make sure that children receive proper education and nutrition. Her stern and fierce decision to protect her and other celebrities’ children from the harmful attention brought by Paparazzi made her join Halle Berry in trying to pass the Anti-Paparazzi bill. This bill ensured that the children of celebrities would not be haunted by paparazzi. The bill was passed in California after Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner testified before the California state assembly where Garner brought attention to past events where her daughter was stalked by a man and the threats she received.