Cardi B Deletes Instagram, what’s the Reason?


The 2019 Grammy Awards was supposed to be major for Cardi B, who was nominated in five categories and also performed during the show. Although she made history as the first solo female rapper to win best rap album for her debut album Invasion of Privacy, her celebration was short-lived, as she faced criticism from people and others around the world.

This bad reaction from people makes Cardi B to leave Instagram. The move came the day after she picked up Best Rap Album at the Grammys. Shortly before the account went offline Cardi posted a video in which she appeared to be responding to criticism of her Grammy win. It didn’t take long after her win for critics on social media to discredit her feat, and a few people, including Ariana Grande, got caught in the crossfire.

Cardi B Deletes Instagram

For example, Ariana Grande backed out of attending the 2019 Grammys due to a difference with Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich. But she watched the award show, paying close attention to the best rap album category, where her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, was nominated. However, when Cardi swept up the award, Ariana sent out a few tweets that suggested she was frustrated.

As the criticism rose following her historic win, Cardi B hopped on Instagram to explain how hard she worked to create her debut album and defended her achievement. She said that she “slept in the studio on leather sofas for three months straight” and faced backlash from naysayers calling her “stupid” for having a baby just as her career was skyrocketing.

“It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else, that’s not my style and that’s not what I’m with and I don’t support that,” Cardi says in the video. “However, I been taking a lot of shit today, I’m seeing a lot of bullshit today and I saw a lot of shit last night. And I’m sick of this shit. I worked hard for my motherfucking album.”

Later in the minute-long clip Cardi explained how much work she put into recording Invasion Of Privacy as well as referencing the 2018 Grammys. “I remember last year when I didn’t win for ‘Bodak Yellow,’ everybody was like, ‘Cardi got snubbed, Cardi got snubbed.’ Now this year’s a fuckng problem?” she said.