Laura Lee’s Career Demise


A shady tweet on Twitter can lead to a week-long series of drama in the YouTube world. But this isn’t new. We’re not only used to those feuds, but Stan twitter actively takes part in the drama too. Something like this recently happened again, and we were served tea every morning from the famous beauty vloggers and had social media actively fuelling the fire.

Beauty Gurus Feud

The beauty gurus involved in the latest scandal are Laura Lee, Gabriel Zamora, Manny Gutierrez, Nikita Dragon and of course, the already controversial Jeffree Star. Now, to understand what Laura Lee cried about in her four-minute YouTube video, we’ll have to take you from the start.

So, basically all the above-mentioned YouTube/ Beauty Gurus were once a tight-knit squad. Something went down among all of them which still hasn’t been cleared, but the outcome was them kicking Jeffree Star out of the team.

Racist Pasts

One thing to know about Jeffree is that he’s had a racist past. He’s apologized many times saying that he is changed now, and that’s not the person he is anymore. People believe him; some do not. But very recently Gabriel posted a photo of him, Laura, Nikita and Manny with a caption that read ‘b*tch is better because without him we’re doing better.’ A classic shade at the once squad member Jeffree Star, stan twitter was surprisingly fast at coming up with clap-backs and defending him.

Laura’s Shady Past

Fans of Jeffree combed through the Internet history of Laura Lee, Manny, Gabriel and Nikita pulling out receipts of their racist past. The one racist tweet that stood out was from Laura Lee where she’s said that black people can evade and run faster from the cops if they had their pants pulled properly instead of wearing it below their waist. It was a fashion trend popular among men for long. And also, tweets like ‘N**as in Paris? Whaaat I thought they couldn’t afford to leave Compton!’ had resurfaced, thanks to the fine combing by Jeffree stans!

The Demise Of Her Career

These clearly racist comments received so much backlash that Laura came out with a YouTube video profusely apologizing for her mistakes. But that was met with no sympathy, just more trolls. People have noticed that all her products have mysteriously disappeared from Ulta, Sephora, ColourPop, and Morphe seems to have surprisingly ‘sold out’ all her stocks. Her following has not only decreased, but it seems brands are starting to distance themselves from her too. The eventual result of losing followers is losing money and brand face value. Has Laura Lees racist comments bought an ultimate demise to her career?