Netflix Testing Ads on their Platform


Netflix is everybody’s favorite binge-watching service for many reasons. Partly because of all the awesome features it brought like auto-skip credits and auto-play the next episode but mostly because there are no ads during or in-between episodes. Netflix is designed to keep you comfortable and satisfied.

Netflix has revolutionized the entertainment industry and with other services popping up and competing with them. It is making changes to stay ahead of the game, but the question is how these changes are going to be received.

Netflix is currently getting some hate and criticism for implementing a new feature that might have backfired.

The Service is Testing out Ads

Netflix subscribers recently noticed advertisements of other Netflix shows after finishing an episode of their favorite series. It didn’t take any while for these folks to get on Twitter, Reddit, and other services and voice their disagreements about this.

Netflix was very calm and open about the whole issue though.

“We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster,” Netflix told Ars Technica.

Netflix also said that users should be able to view a “skip” button when the ad pops up. However, certain claims suggest that they were unable to skip the ads presented to them.

The ads shown are only of Netflix Original shows and not only that, they are suggestions catered to each subscriber. If you’re someone who watches a lot of anime, you might get some ads for a new anime coming to Netflix or have you been binging Altered Carbon and Black Mirror? Then you’re going to get some Sci-Fi ads. Ads catering to the viewing habits and interests of the viewer help not only to promote the new series but also to hype up the viewer for a potential new all-time favorite.

How to Disable the Netflix Ads

Netflix has always tested out new features for us to experience and they adjust according to the users’ feedbacks. Now if you are a Netflix subscriber who doesn’t want to be the guinea pig of their crazy experiments, I have some suggestion for you. Simply log on to to turn this setting off, and you will be able to enjoy the standard Netflix experience.

It is totally fair for subscribers to voice their complaints about the platform but it’s also important to understand company policy and their methods. So, despite what the critics say, Netflix is not trying to become the next cable. At least, let’s hope they’re not.