Meghan Markle Getting ‘bored behind Palace walls’?


It’s been a while, when former US actress and current Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle used to play role ion screen. Meghan Markle left acting, as soon her marriage with Prince Harry is confirmed, she left her profession. But it seems that Meghan Markle is getting ‘bored behind Palace walls’ and wants to start what she left.  She was on the US TV series Suits following the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry late last year. However, with royal commentator Rob Shuter claiming she is “bored behind the palace walls” and the Duchess could be planning to return to acting.

Well, after this news, many of her fans are delighted and wanted to see her on screen. But being the member of British Royal Family, she needs to follow some rules. And there is say that she might not be given the permission to do so. The royal commentator while speaking on iHeart Radio, the columnist said: “Meghan Markle is bored behind the palace walls; she’s looking for a new job.

Meghan Markle Acting Again?

According to the reports, the Duchess of Sussex is eager to return to the filming sets and face the camera. The insider in the Royal Palace revealed that Meghan is “reading scripts” while she is parenting her son, Archie. Meghan is supposedly searching for a new project to join.

But, what about the Queen and other family members? The reports says that she has a complete support of her husband Prince Harry. On the other hand, he added that while Meghan is enjoying her new life with Harry, she just feels it isn’t enough.

Meghan rose to fame with her role as Rachel Zane on the law-drama show. She was seen leaving the show in Suits season 8. While fans hoped she would do a cameo for the final season, the makers confirmed that she wouldn’t be seen on the show.

Further elaborating the details of Meghan inching to start acting again, he says, “[She is] reading scripts so life behind the palace walls is already starting to get a little boring for the new royal Meghan Markle. And which is why the Duchess is already looking to return to work and searching for the perfect project.”

Shuter further said, “At the moment, she’s actually thinking about producing, but she hasn’t 100 percent given up her first passion, which is acting’. If the right part comes along, maybe a historical film or documentary, then maybe she will do it.”