Khloe Kardashian makes her Instagram handle private


Well it’s all started when her ex husband Tristan Thompson cheated case came into lime light. According to close sources she is depressed. Recently,  Khloe celebrated her daughter True, who is also a daughter of her ex husband. And there is somewhat strange news, and the news is that Khloe Kardashian makes her Instagram handle private.

On the other hand, Khloe Kardashian who has been in the news of late garnered headlines when she set her Instagram handle to private. Within a few minutes of her changing the privacy setting, Twitter users started asking why she did the same.

Khloe Kardashian and Instagram

After the news, there have been many speculations. Besides that, fans are surprised and asking many questions. One of the Twitter users tweeted, “oh my god @khloekardashian turned her IG account private! But why? I hope everything’s fine.

One of users asked, “So @khloekardashian IG account is private now? I wonder what prompted this?!!?” Another tweeted, “Khloe Kardashian really made her Instagram account private to hide her posts from Tristan like she isn’t an international celebrity.”

Recently, after posting birthday party pictures of her daughter True, she posted a series of quotes which kind of hinted the same. One of the quotes read: “People hate when you show them how it feels to be treated the way they treat you.”

In the second tweet of Khloe Kardasian, “Don’t kill people with kindness because not everyone deserves your kindness. Kill people with your silence because not everyone deserves your attention.”

After that there is news and Khloe Kardashian makes her Instagram handle private. For the inexperienced, the couple parted ways after news of Tristan cheating on Khloe with Kylie Jenner’s bestie Jordyn Woods came into light.