Khloe Kardashian abandons Tristan Thompson for Cheating


Well in Hollywood, Kardashian sisters are always in news. Sometimes with their outfits, and sometimes make news for the controversies with men in the industry. Recently, Khloe Kardashian abandons Tristan Thompson on alleged cheating with another girl. It is revealed that the basketball player is dumped after he allegedly cheated on her with Kylie Jenner’s best friend.

Well according to the famous celebrities news web portal claimed the break-up. It stated that after spending Valentine’s Day with Khloe and his daughter. And on Sunday night he attended a house party wherein he was spotted cuddling up with Jordyn Woods. Eyewitnesses told the publication that the two were all over each other. They were making out during the party. As soon as Khloe found out, she ended things with the NBA player.

Khloe Kardashian abandons Tristan Thompson

It was reveals that Khloe is angry with the cheating rumors. Khloe found out few days later about Tristan and Jordyn. The whole family is enraged. They were blindsided. She is disappointed that someone so close to their family would be disloyal to her.

According to the news that she did not believe that, Tristan would do such thing to her. As for Kylie, the reality star is torn apart by the news of her best friend and her sister’s boyfriend’s making out rumors. Kylie is still coming to terms with everything that has happened.

Her Reaction

She has been in “denial” for days now. Kylie “is very torn on how to handle the situation and the whole family is writing Jordyn off.”

It appears that she is not sad but furious. And she’s shocked Jordyn would do this. Of all the guys in the world, she can’t fathom why Jordyn would make a decision like this. Khloe is reliving the worst kind of betrayal and pain all over again.