Katrina Kaif Looking for a Boyfriend in 2019?


Well the famous Bollywood actor and sensational dancer Katrina Kaif wants to have a Boyfriend this year. And it is quoted by new portal as, is Vicky Kaushal listening? Katrina Kaif being in relation with two other Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor is single for quite period of time. And now she do not wanted to be remain single in 2019. Isn’t it this sounds interesting or frustration is speaking loud?

In her recent media interview she expressed her feelings of being single and wanted to meet someone suitable. So, when Katrina was asked about why she isn’t dating anyone currently, she said, “I really don’t know. I don’t honestly know that I ever feel the need to do that. There is nothing wrong with going and meeting someone, but I think if you are not a person like that, then it’s tough, right?”

Katrina Kaif Looking for a Boyfriend

Katrina Kaif has been single for quite some time and while we desire to see her dating soon, looks like Kat herself is bored of being single. Moreover, the actress seems to confess and wanting to be in a relationship.

She clearly said, A boyfriend, I don’t want to be single now and I want to have my own production company.” Well, well, we can’t wait for her to be in a relationship as well. BTW, is Vicky Kaushal listening?

Earlier Katrina was in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor for five years before their public break-up. Ranbir then went on to be with Alia Bhatt, but that hasn’t changed Katrina’s equation with Alia. Opening up about her life post break-up, Katrina had earlier said, “What human nature does is that when we have something, or someone, to focus on, we can also shift a lot of our attention there, so we are not really forced to look at ourselves in any great perspective. We’re able to kind of shift a lot of responsibility—on decisions, for happiness, for entertainment and motivation”.