John Abraham Must Act! Batla House Movie Trailer


It’s time to act before the terrorist’s strike, John Abraham to handle the sensitive situation after encounter with terrorist. The action packed film Batla House trailer is out and John Abraham is under radar to justify the operation. Batla House traces the story of the shootout between a seven-member Delhi Police Special Cell team. They were suspected terrorists allegedly involved in the serial blasts of September 13, 2008, in Delhi.

Batla House has Bollywood star John, who essays DCP Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, who spearheaded the operation. The film will try to re-examine the alleged encounter case. At the time of the incident, many said the police had killed innocent students, and passed them off as terrorists. John, in his role of a top cop, is seen questioning the innocence of the accused terrorism. It’s one man decision and nation made accusations. Was the nation prejudiced or was it really a fake encounter? The questions will finally be answered. Watch it on 15 August and decide.