Malaika Arora on Love! Everybody Deserves a Second Chance


Well, at the age 45, Malaika Arora by no means looks old and out. She is one of the fit actresses in her stage in Bollywood. Besides that her photos still have lot more appeal and Zeist than many of actresses in B.Town. Recently, she was asked about love. Malaika Arora on love said that everybody deserves a second chance. Besides that actress has to face social media bullies, for age difference with Arjun and style.

No dought, she is one of the most talented dancer and fashion icon actress, model and fittest celebrity in Bollywood. But she came to news again, when she was first seen with Arjun Kapoor on her birthday. After that, couple was all over the news and raises many questions. In fact, after divorce with Arbaaz Khan, she was in news for the pretty long time because of her growing relation with Arjun Kapoor.

Malaika Arora on Love

During the interview, on being in relation and love, Malaika said, “It is a taboo is because there are a lot of situations and issues. And these issue need to be tackled in our country, though I think the issue needs to be looked at with an open mind.”

On the other hand, the dancing diva further said, “A little more sensitivity, as opposed to being harsh and callous and negative towards things. I think it is important to be inclusive. When I talk of second chances, I’m thinking of making the most of second chances. I think everybody should be given a second chance.”

Earlier, Malaika has 16 year relation with ex husband Arbaaz Khan and have a son Arhaan as well. The stunning and charming Malaika is quite active on social media. She has a following of 9.2 million on Instagram. Despite the popularity, she has to face social media bullies, who often troll her on her relationship and age gap with Arjun or her dressing style. Malaika says such things don’t de-motivate her.