Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan dating Mishaal Kirpalani


Now it’s the era of Bollywood star’s kids and most of time they are not in the news due to the movies but for their private life. Now, there are confirm details that Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan dating Mishaal Kirpalani. The young couple was in news earlier due to their relationship and now it seems like that they are dating each other. Recently, an an ‘Ask Me Anything’ feature on Instagram, Ira clarified her relationship status.

Daughter of Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta, Ira Khan is dating famous musician, Mishaal Kirpalani. Ira Khan is the latest star kid who has become a constant on our social media feeds. From her professional to her personal life, fans are interested to know everything about this starlet. Even though, Aamir has kept his personal life guarded and looks like his daughter, Ira believes it otherwise.

Ira Khan Dating Mishaal Kirpalani

Coming to the relation of Aamir Khan’s daughter, like her father she has kept the pretty private. Ira Khan prefers to maintain a low key profile on social media. On the other hand, the star kid has been making headlines for her Instagram posts. Ira’s timeline features multiple pictures of her with Mishaal Kirpalani and watching the two together.

Every time with new picture together, fans and people start guessing that they are dating each other. In a recent Instagram story, Ira confirmed the same.

During an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram, Ira was asked by a fan if she was in a relationship. She replied with a picture in which she is seen hugging Mishaal and tagged him in the story.

Not only that, Mishaal’s Instagram is also filled with romantic posts of the duo embracing each other. On Ira’s birthday, Mishaal shared a heartfelt post for her and wrote, “Happy birthday babe. You’re simple. You get happy with a birthday post.