Malaika Arora! Calls me an item, I’ll slap them’


Isn’t she furious, Bollywood dance queen and item girl got very angry on calling her ‘item girl.’ Well its Malaika Arora, who got furious during an interview and said, if anyone calls me an item, I’ll slap them.’ she further said that that she stands by her special dance numbers, and if anyone calls her an item, she’d ‘turn around and slap that person’

Actress, television personality, reality show judge, fitness guru and much more, Malaika Arora is an unstoppable woman who inspires many. The songs, such as Chaiyya Chaiyya, Munni Badnaam and Anarkali. Malaika has said that she is opposed to referring to such performances as ‘item numbers’. She said that she would want to ‘slap’ whoever refers to her as an ‘item’.

Malaika Arora and Item Girl

After being attached with Arjun Kapoor, in her interview Malaika Arora said that, “Whenever I did a song I did it on my own accord; I never did it under any duress. I was comfortable.” She continued, “If I felt like I was not OK with something, I’d voice my opinion. I’d say, ‘no I don’t like that step’. If I felt like I was being objectified, I’d say it, and I’m not stupid.”

The dancing diva further said that she has changed the nature of ‘item songs’ of ‘80s and 90s. She said, she always had an issue with it being called ‘item song’. Imagine someone calling me, what an item, she would turn around and slap that person

Malaika confessed that she was aware of the suggestive nature of the lyrics, but said that most of it was ‘tongue-in-cheek’.

The actress said that she never felt that it crossed that line where it was downright vulgar, or downright offensive. According to her, it was always in a nice fun, tongue-in-cheek sort of space.