Kriti Sanon on #MeToo! It has introduced a fear in all Industries


It’s been a year, since #MeToo hit badly Bollywood, since then many a tress came forward and spoke about their sexual assault stores. Besides the other stars, many A-listers actresses alleged the co-stars, director and produces for sexual harassment. After the wave, everyday names of celebrated directors, actors, producers, music directors and more were revealed, along with horrible details of harassment shared by their victims. Among them is actress Kriti Sanon, recently she said that sexual assault or #MeToo has introduced fear in all industries.

But right after one year, there has been little incidents and reporting has well. Social media isn’t speaking loud with names, and neither were the accused or perpetrators rightly punished. Yet, the movement was important. Recently, session titled #iFeelYouGirl: On liberty, equality & creativity. And expanding space to be a woman in Bollywood, the sexual harassed victim a tress Kriti Sanon revealed why. She said. “I am glad that we spoke about it. It takes a lot of guts for a woman or man to talk about it in public,” Kriti started off.

Kriti Sanon on #MeToo

But did the speaking up help? Has Bollywood today become a better, safer place for women? As an actress working in the post-#MeToo times in Bollywood, Kriti said, “I don’t know if has become a safer place, but there is this fears now that anybody who thinks about crossing that line, would have to pay the price for it. Unfortunately, the cases that come up are ‘he said and she said’. They are not recorded, so how much can you do in terms of getting justice. But I am glad that there is fear now.”

While, speaking of her experience she said that at that time, director Sajid stepped down from the project following multiple sexual misconduct accusations against him.  And he was replaced by writer Farhad Samji as the director. On the other hand, veteran actor Nana, too, distanced him from the comedy after being accused of harassment by actor Tanushree Dutta. He was replaced by actor Rana Daggubati.

Sharing her experience, Kriti said, it was weird to be on set with all that going on. Someone else directs us suddenly in the middle of the film. But I give it to producer Sajid Nadiadwala sir; he took certain decisions and handled it very well. We didn’t stop shooting for more than two days.”