Is Selena Gomez Interested In Singing for Bollywood?


Bollywood undoubtedly has a huge fan following. People around the globe admire Bollywood artists and their work. Collaborations over the sea are nothing new. Singers like Akon and many others have collaborated with Bollywood. Now, the famous pop singer and actress Selena Gomez is also joining the list of Bollywood admirers. Selena revealed in a recent interview that she is interested in collaborating with Bollywood singers. The news was buzzing all over the web. Indian fans of the singer were filled with joy after hearing this statement.

About the Interview

In a recent interview, the reported asked Selena whether she would like to work in Bollywood. She said no one has ever really asked her this question before. But, if got an opportunity she would like to work in Bollywood. This news made many of her Indian fans happy. She also expressed that she would like to collaborate with A.R Rahman.

She finds A.R. Rahman to be extremely compelling in term of music. She says “I like A.R. Rahman’s work. He is a global figure today. I would love to sing or be a part of his compositions. I think it would be Beautiful to sing for a Bollywood movie.” This sounds like she has been an admirer of A.R. Rahman for a very long time. She even appraises him for his extraordinary skills.

All over Twitter

The international pop stars Indian fan took over Twitter and expressed their extreme happiness. People tweeted that they would love to see Selena collaborate with the Bollywood and cannot wait for the big news. However, she was also trolled for making a statement regarding collaboration with A.R. Rahman. There was a post saying that Selena can never match the vocal standard of an Indian singer.

Her Versatility

Even though the singer has songs that are popular all over the globe, she has stepped in a lot of industries. She has made her mark wherever she went. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if she takes the floor by a storm.

If she ever happens to set her foot in the Bollywood music industry, the global sensation is sure to create a hype. There will surely be a lot of talks among the Indian youth regarding her debut here in India.

We don’t know whether any such collaboration will ever happen. But, we would be happy to see Selena sing for a Bollywood movie.