Is Black Panther Going to Get Oscar?


Awards are just around the corner. And we all are set to be on the edge of our seats when we hear, “And the Oscar goes to…”. Marvel Studios is expecting something huge. “Black Panther” has been Marvel Studio’s one of the most successful movies. The movie made a lot of money in each and every theater it was released in. It was an absolute buzz among the youth for a very long time. The news came up in the Los Angeles Times. It stated that Black Panther had been nominated for Oscar’s top prize. In spite of making wonderful movies, Marvel Studios has never really won an Oscar. So naturally, Marvel is having high hopes from the film.

In the movie Black Panther

It is an American film. The film based around a superhero named Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman played the main lead, Black Panther. The character of the villain was played Michael B. Jordan. Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurria was also the part of the movie. Black Panther was a film with the most appealing graphics. The movie had a diverse and amazing cast.

The casting was undoubtedly praised by the audience, critics and everybody who watched the movie. Ryan Coogler is the one who directed this action thriller. People have always complained about the diversity in Oscar. But, we believe the jury is making subsequent efforts to attain diversity in the past 2 years. Black Panther was released in almost all parts of the world. The movie was well received by every age group. With a total collection of over $1.3 billion, the movie definitely took over the box office.

The Nominations in Oscar

Being the first Marvel movie in Oscars ever, they are definitely pushing for the award. They have even tried their ways and started a campaign. The film does have some competitions. Critics have not much considered a superhero movie much. There are numerous action movies released every year. What makes the competition really tough for the action-packed movie is the introduction of a new category. This time in Oscars, there is a new category, Popular Film. But, this category might stand like a big hurdle in front of the movie. So, let’s hope that Black Panther successfully makes it through the nominations of best pictures. Winning the Oscar for Marvel Studios for the first time will definitely give them a huge boost.