Indian TV Actress Chahatt Khanna Harassed


Its Holi time in India and as the Holi celebration are going on, a bad event took place. There are reports that Indian TV Actress Chahatt Khanna harassed by drunken men after Holi event. The TV actress claimed that some 14 drunken men attacked her car and harassed her. TV actress Chahatt Khanna who’s known for working in shows like Bade Ache Lagte Hain and Qubool Hai opened up about being attacked and harassed by 14 drunken men on the eve of Holi.

When, Where and How?

Actress revealed that she was travelling with her kids and staff when 14 drunken goons surrounded her car attacking her driver and harassed her family. She further said, my driver braked and we were all thrown forward. I looked behind and saw 6 burly men getting down from the car. 4 bikes carrying 8 more men were right with the car, one on either side.

Indian TV Actress Chahatt Khanna Harassed

In her recent talk with media, she said, drunken men forced my driver to get down somehow and started beating him up. The next thing I knew was that the back glass of my car had also been smashed. Soon, they were on the bonnet of my car and even on the roof, dancing and singing. It had now gone wild.

In her statement, she said that 14 men in all have surrounded my car. After they recognized her, it aggravated their aggression. And after that they started banging the door, and they were abusing her. It gets very scary.

But soon some 25-50 people had gathered a few meters away from this hooliganism. My driver got sh** scared. I saw few Muslim uncles coming forward and telling me to go away from here ASAP and they were braving it out in front of those hooligans.