GOT’s Actress Lena Headey on Harvey Weinstein Sexual Intimacy


Well among the biggest star in Game of Thrones series Lena Headey finally spoke about his career and the controversies with them. She for the first time said that her career could have been damaged by refusing to have sex with Harvey Weinstein.


Recently, she appeared on the TV show and revealed all the details about her career in the industry, she said that before the incident she only did two projects with Miramax Films. And when she did not show up to Harvey, her career hit with major blockage, because all he wanted to have S*x with me. That’s impacted a decade of my working life’, and after that there was nothing for her.

Lena Headey on Harvey Weinstein

Lena Headey blamed Weinstein of Sexual harassment back in 2017, among many other charges of rape, sexual harassment, and misconduct leveled at the film producer. The star tweeted of first meeting Weinstein at Venice Film Festival in 2005, where her film The Brothers Grimm (distributed by Miramax) was being shown.

The actor, who portrays Cersei Lannister on the huge HBO show, recently opened up about how rejecting the embarrassed movie producer have hindered her progress in the film and TV industry.

Headey said that Weinstein had “asked [her] to take a walk down to the water” where he “stopped and made some suggestive comment”, which she “just laughed off”, saying that it would “be like kissing my dad”.

After that she said that there nothing left for me. Well this rejection caused her the a Decade without any big project.