Danny Boyle Quits The New Bond Movie


Directors quit films all the time. What generally happens is a dispute over either the casting or the creative call on the script. Speculations have arisen, that something along these lines has happened in the making of the new Bond film franchise. Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle reportedly quit just a few weeks before the filming had started. Has this left the bond franchise in absolute chaos? You best believe, it has!

Creative Differences In The Cast

Danny Boyle is the director of movies like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘Trainspotting.’ He’s considered as an amazing director, so why do you think he quit a Bond film like this? If we are to believe the rumors, it is because of creative differences.

Something that always happens between the cast and crew of movies. They are generally resolved quickly, but this one has resulted in the loss of a brilliant director for the franchise.

Fallout With Daniel Craig

There’s also a slight chance that the decision is based on the fallout between Danny Boyle and longtime Bond movie actor Daniel Craig. They’ve worked together in a film ‘About 007’ and ‘London 2012 Olympics.’ The rift over script is very much the most likely possibility. Scriptwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have written the last 6 Bond movies. Their script for the newest film was typical for a Bond movie but apparently, Boyle wanted something different. Something more controversial and which can resonate with the modern world.

Limited Power

Boyle had the script changed according to his creative views and the producers were so desperate to have him that they put the Neal-Robert script on hold. Sources have reportedly claimed that all these changes that Boyle made in the script, including trying to change the crew and cast made Barbara Broccoli angry, forcing her to make some hard decisions about the director and his say in the film. The production of the film will go on without Danny Boyle, but it’s not clear whether they will stick to the original script or the changed version.

Frenzy Of The Fans

This might come off a surprise for Danny Boyle fans who were eagerly waiting for his next Bond movie to roll out. There’s already a lot of mixed opinions on his fallout from the movie. This might be a great hit to the Bond movies if the new movie falls short of the fans expectation.