Controversy in Bigg Boss 12! It’s a Biased Show


An actress Munmun Dutta has slammed the India’s biggest realty TV show Bigg Boss has accused the company and Bigg Boss to be biased. She said that the shoe is completely biased and runs on its own type interests. There is nothing to be fair here. Munmun Dutta follows the controversial reality show Bigg Boss. But with each passing year, Bigg Boss goes on to become the most controversial reality show on TV. Whether it’s the contestants and their confessions or the constant fights make it the popular. May be the public also wanted to watch such things.

The actress never hesitates from expressing her thoughts about the controversial TV show.  She used her Twitter account and went on a rage against the show and bashed the show.  In a number of posts, Munmum trashed the show for being biased.

The Tweet Story

On the other hand, Salman Khan schooled the contestants for their behavior in the house during the last week. Apart from asking Dipika and Karanvir Bohra’s dying friendship, Bhaijaan left no stone unturned to address the fight between Deepak and Megha.