Biggest Off-Camera Scandals! The Bachelor Show


Well besides the great entertainment and love dating show by ABC “the Bachelor, is also know for the scandals as well. So, whether its scandalous group dates behavior on The Bachelor is catching every eye. There are an off-air affair or the sudden change in a last minute Bachelorette switch-up, the men and women of Bachelor Nation have kept fans guessing for countless seasons of scandal and drama.

The show started in 2002; the ABC reality dating competition franchise and its forthcoming follow-up series have made the number a quiet number of scandals and stories for the media. On the other hand, the more recent years, however, have seen the franchise making news for scandals that have continued beyond its regularly scheduled shows.

A Few Stories

Jenna Cooper Cheats on Jordan Kimball

Jenna and Jordan fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise. Jordan proposed during the finale, which went on- aired.  However after few hours before the episode broad-cased, there came a news report that Jenna had a relationship with another man throughout her relationship with Jordan. The blog posed alleged text messages between Jenna and the mystery man in which she exchanged intimate notes and wrote that she and Jordan “aren’t together for real.” Then Jordan reacted to the scandal that he did not want this relationship as she cheated on me.

Corinne and DeMario’s Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Bachelor in Paradise season 3 productions shut down after the cast arrived. A producer filed a sexual misconduct complaint involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, and Warner Bros. The shooting of the season stopped in order to investigate. Five months later, Olympios and Jackson have moved on and are closer than ever. “DeMario is a super close friend of mine. I love him to death,” the Miami-based business owner. “We always have the best time hanging out. He’s just great.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Snapchats Photo in Bed With Shawn B.

Spoiler alert! Kaitlyn Bristowe sent fans into frenzy, when she accidentally posted a photo with her season’s winner, Shawn B., to her Snapchat Story nearly one month before the final rose ceremony. “We were sending Snaps to one of the producers,” Booth explained to Jimmy Kimmel in July 2015. “[And then] I pick up my phone to go on Twitter and there’s hundreds of pictures of my stupid face lying in bed with her. I start having a panic attack. and he couldn’t even breathe.