“Blaze” – Ethan Hawke’s Best Work Till Date

Premium Rates Apply Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michael Buckner/Deadline/REX/Shutterstock (9188866cz) Ethan Hawke Deadline Hollywood Presents THE CONTENDERS 2017, Portrait Studio, Los Angeles, USA - 04 Nov 2017

Ethan Hawke is not only a great actor but has also excelled in doing Shakespeare, composing and playing music, writing novels, and directing fiction and nonfiction features.

The man is a living legend, and his mind is a plethora of unprecedented ideas that stand out from others as seen by the great quality of his work. His immensely famous ‘Before Sunrise’ trilogy has shown us how easily and gracefully he can capture the hearts of people.

His Connect With The Fans

Even when behind the camera, you can see passion and love in his eyes. The amount of dedication by which he does his work is commendable, and he never disappoints his fans. The man is not some six feet muscled guy with abs, but his personality and big heart are enough to attract people’s attention. The way he acts and performs in his plays and movies is so realistic that people connect to them instantly and usually come out teary-eyed.

Accolades For Blaze

His latest movie ‘Blaze’ has to be one of his best works. The movie released on 17th August and has already received accolades for it. It’s a masterpiece. The movie is a brilliant take on the biopic of Blaze Foley, an amazing yet self-destructing musician who died later by a gunshot. Blaze Foley was an aggressive and hostile drunkard, yet when he held the guitar in his hand, you could see the real side of him.

Loneliness To Fuel The Music

His songs mostly are about loneliness and longing, yet they are a treat to the mind and heart.  The movie not only displays his musical journey in life but is an overview of all the ups and downs. Blaze Foley truly lived up to something he says in Hawke’s film: “I don’t want to be a star, I want to be a legend.” He was not only a legend but also a star in the eyes of people. Hawke has managed to reflect emotions so beautifully in the film that they directly touch the hearts of people watching it. From the choice of castings to the music, everything in the movie is set up beautifully.

Hawke has already shown us from his previous works how gently and aesthetically he can cinematically transform emotions on to screen. He knows what he’s doing and is a mastermind when it comes to cinema and theatre. Hawke’s work in the movie is a real artwork.