Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan to star in his sister Ira Khan


Now it’s time for Bollywood star kids to show their talent. And it’s amazing when both children of Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan are making their debut together. According to the news Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan to star in his sister Ira Khan debut directorial play. Well, recently, Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan is ready to direct her debut play, ‘Medea’. She shared a video to announce the rest of the cast and, her brother Junaid Khan also feature as an actor.

So, one is behind the cameras and other is facing the camera, Bollywood always been criticized as a industry of nepotism. Besides that, now fans and critics are watching closely, do the star kids have talent. Whether they just doing it for the sake of occupying the place in film industry.

Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan in Bollywood

Earlier, a few days back, in the most unusual way, Aamir’s Ira announced that Hazel Keech be leading in her play and shared a photo on social media. Now, after that announcement, Ira shared news and it has connection with her brother and Aamir’s son, Junaid.

Besides that, the official Instagram page of the play, Medea the Play, has posted a video in which the cast of the play has been introduced. The caption of the post reads, “You met Medea, now meet the rest of our cast!” The video, though, doesn’t reveal the character Junaid Khan is going to play. Other than these two, other actors are Varun Patel, Sabreen Baker, Nolan Lewis and Divyesh Vijayakar, among others.

It is not the first time, when Junaid Khan acting is the news, earlier father Aamir Khan has always maintained that the star kid has to make it on his own. Aamir Khan once said in an interview that his firstborn, Junaid, has never approached him to discuss his launch in the industry. He said, “If there is a subject suitable for him and if he passed the audition, then I would consider it.”

On the other hand, the superstar opened up about Junaid’s acting ambitions. He said, “I think it’s up to him. He should lead his own life and take his own decisions. He is inclined to the creative side, he is doing theater. He is very bright, but I am allowing him to follow his own path.”