What’s Going on Between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are friends since their divorce, they’re still friends! Jennifer Aniston turned 50 and she called in her birthday with several Hollywood top stars. She hosted her close friends her favorite Hollywood spot, Sunset Tower in West Hollywood. While she called up a few of her best people, she seems to have called ex-husband Brad’s number as well. And Brad Pitt turned up to make her birthday extraordinary. Well this appearance provokes many questions about the relation?

Her name came up in the consequences of the separation, just as Jolie’s did when Pitt and Aniston called off their marriage. But People say that they have “been over each other for longer than they were ever together.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Brad and Jen were sharing the same space. While Jen posed for the paparazzi present at the venue, Brad gently sneaked into the scene. While he managed to hide away from the cameras, he couldn’t cover himself completely. The cameras caught the back of his head and eagle-eyed fans took no time to decode that it was indeed Brad.

While news confirmed that the actor indeed made his way into Jen’s party. The actor tried hiding away with the help of a baseball cap but clearly failed. He sneaked into the party and we’re jumping with joy. This is the first time since Brad and Angelina Jolie’s split that he was spotted under the same roof as Jennifer.

Jen and Brad were married for five years (2000 to 2005) before they parted ways when Brad got involved with Angelina Jolie. Following that, Jen married Justin Theroux. The duo tied the knot in 2015 and separated in 2017.