Travis Scott Caught Cheating on Kyle Jenner with Rojean Kar?

Travis Scott Caught Cheating on Kyle Jenner with Rojean Kar?

As much as Kylies Jenner can’t understand people think she is dating Tyga again, that’s not even the most significant rumor about her these days. She and Travis Scott have separated ways, and a lot of followers believe that Travis’ rumored sidepiece came between them. Is Travis Scott caught cheating on his baby mama?

Travis Scott Caught Cheating on Kyle Jenner

For some time, rumors philosophers have thought that model Rojean Kar, also known as YoungSweetRo, is Travis Scott’s side piece. But thinking about old photos and her obvious dislike for Kylie Jenner got brushed to the side after this week’s unexpected news.

Travis Scott Caught Cheating
Rojean Kar aka YoungSweetRo

Travis Scott Caught Cheating?

Rojean took to her private Instagram to convince her followers that no; she isn’t a homewrecker between Travis and Kylie’s happily ever after relationship.

“None of these rumors are true,” she writes.

Rojean revealed that it’s just the internet producing a fabricated narrative. Please stop spreading falsehoods. And she requested to leave Travis, Kylie, and her alone. She asked to stop promoting misconceptions because it’s influencing real lives. “Thank you,” she adds.

Travis Scott Caught Cheating
Rojean Kar

It must be strangely inconvenient to see yourself boosted from average fame as a model to near-infamy overnight, through no blunder of your own.

While, a source close to Travis also delivered a very formal report, hunting down rumors of betrayal.

“Any rumors of cheating are totally and completely false.”

Those in Travis’ circle and Rojean herself aren’t the only ones refusing that he cheated.

Kylie and Tyga Dating?

After Kylie and Tyga were spotted at the same hotel late at night earlier this week, Kylie had to speak up. So, later, she took to Twitter to clarify the rumors that she was back to hitting her eeriest ex.

Kylie Jenner tweet

“The internet makes everything 100 times more dramatic than what it really is,” she cried. Well, that’s absolutely true.

“There was no ‘2 am date with Tyga,” Kylie explained.

She revealed: “You see me drop two of my friends off at a studio that he happened to be at.”

“Travis and I are on great terms,” Kylie insisted.

She understands that the breakup is public information and she chose to just make it obvious that they’re not arguing.

Kylie Jenner tweet

She stressed: “and our main focus right now is their stormi!!”

Yeah! We can understand that once you create a person, they become the center of your world.

“Our friendship and our daughter is a priority,” Kylie ended.

Travis Scott Caught Cheating

As it can be seen that, it doesn’t sound like Kylie and Travis’ separation was actually all that interesting. Once they had time to end with trips and parties and settle into a routine as co-parents, the truth set in.

Kylie and Travis Daughter Stormi
Stormi with Kylie and Travis

After a long honeymoon phase, they sort of “woke up” and realized that they had fallen out of love. It happens. Maybe sometimes we have to break the monotony.