Suits’ Comes to an End! Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty Emotional


It’s been almost a decade ago, when high rated series Suit’s first season launched. And now there is finale for the season. So, Suits’ comes to an end, while Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty get emotional. Both are working together for last 9 years and this is means so much to them.  Macht took to Instagram to share how Barrett supported him throughout the show’s journey. He started thanking his wife and actress Jacinda Barrett, who was also a part of “Suits”.

He said: “9 years ago I started the ‘Suits’ journey. It all began with the most important person in my life by my side. This life that has offered us so much…some easy, many challenging, countless miles apart and hours, days, and months separating us and our loved ones not to mention years of sacrifice on so many levels. The actor further writes, “I count my blessings you sticking with me through to the bitter sweet end of this era.”

‘Suits’ Comes to an End

He is now knows as Harvey Specter, which he did in the ‘Suits’. Other than him, Sarah Rafferty who plays Donna Paulse has let everyone know when her fellow cast-mates have been wrapping, writing personalized tributes to all of them. Her first post was a week ago when cast-mates Erksine Ford and Katherine Heigl wrapped saying it was, “such a pleasure working with these beautiful, talented, insanely generous souls.”

Besides that, here next wrap up message was for Rick Hoffman saying “she had no words for this one.” “And that’s a series wrap on my brother Rick Hoffman. No words for this one,” Rafferty captioned the image. On the other hand, Rafferty thanked her spouse Santtu Seppala.

She added, “Happiest wrap of all to this one. Santtu, because you say yes, because you tirelessly and single handedly man ground control; because you are always behind the scenes with my very favorite smile, all the magic happens…this whole mad migratory decade could happen. I wish I could say I’d make it up to you, but we both know I never could. I love you. Now let’s go home.”