Singer Cardi B alleged for Prostitution


The fame brings many curses with it, as this happened to renowned U.S singer Cardi B. it seems her troubles are not over. Earlier she is struggling with her ex Offset and now singer Cardi B alleged for prostitution. Soon after she heard it from the bloggers, she sued them but it raises many questions. The two bloggers, Latasha and Starmarie Ebony Jones has alleged singer Cardi B for Prostitution, as 23 videos uploaded during a 14-month span.

The rapper born, Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, aks Cardi B filed a defamation lawsuit against bloggers Latasha Transrina Kebe and Starmarie Ebony Jones in Court. Cardi B’s suit alleges both women portrayed her as a prostitute who spread herpes to her partners and took drugs during her pregnancy.

The Story

According to the lawsuit, Latasha made a post last April in which she made a claim that her baby would be born with intellectual disabilities. The implication was that Cardi was a regular substance abuser and continued to do so during her pregnancy.

She’s also suing Starmarie Ebony Jones, who, according to the suit, posted a video in September. In which she accused the singer of doing Molly and cocaine and she is engaged in dirt business. Not only that, the blogger allegedly says of Cardi is just a Grammy nominated prostitute. And she is going around spreading her herpes.

In that appearance, according to the lawsuit, both women spread further claims about sexually transmitted infections. In that same video, both women level more s** work allegations at Cardi. Unless these women can prove that their claims are true or at least that they have evidence for them, this will not be a fun lawsuit for them.

After such serious and outrageous personnel comments, Cardi B is taking both the women to court. Besides that, it both the bloggers know each other, as Starmarie made a guest appearance on Unwine With Tasha K.

The 26-year-old rapper has denied all of the allegations. The suit states both vloggers were given the opportunity to retract their statements, but they did not. Cardi B is suing for defamation and seeking an order to delete the videos.