Naomi Watts and How Actress chooses The Roles


Whenever you talk about the versatile and passionate actress for their roles in Hollywood, Naomi Watts is among those ones. The Oscar-nominated actress says with each of her projects she has looked to stretch herself and grow as an artist. She said that she quite conscious about her roles and is careful how she chooses her roles. The actress likes to find more of her inner thing and looks for something for herself in every character she plays.

Besides that, Naomi Watts is carefully choosing roles that empower women. On the other hand, she said, “Every time I take on a role, I’m looking to stretch myself, to grow, and find something in it for me,” Watts said, adding: “If the role doesn’t connect with me, how could it possibly connect with an audience?”

Naomi Watts and Her Roles

Currently the Hollywood actress is working film based on the much played famous novel by Shakespeare ‘Hamlet’. Watts plays Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, opposite Daisy Ridley as Ophelia.

She said that this film is very much different from others that have been made. “We’ve turned it on its head king of thing. Honoring the two great females in the play rather than Hamlet. Hamlet features in a very strong way.

While talking about his role in the movie, Naomi revealed, “This is a time for female empowerment. Often Shakespearean characters are chaste and tragic and overly pure or they’re mad or suicidal. They can be a little one dimensional.”

She further elaborated, “And in this version we are trying to make them three dimensional. And there’s a friendship. There’s a bond between the two women. Gertrude sees herself in young Ophelia.”

Besides that, she also talked about her role in her latest short series “The Loudest Voice”. A story of journalist, she said, “Gretchen’s story is one of empowerment and growth in survival, of self-preservation, of taking care of herself, and of the demand to be valued,” said Watts.

With two Oscar nominations, her work profile shines with box-office hits like “King Kong”, “The Ring”, “The Divergent” series, and roles in critically-acclaimed films such as “Birdman”, “Mulholland Drive” and “21 Grams”.